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This is what we need 

For better understanding let’s use hotel as our location type

  • First user will create an account to access our platform.
  • Login method will be using phone number and OTP, social login, email. Email have to verify using a code.
  • A map will show (like Uber) where user can find multiple hotels like google map in a radius from his current location or in the searched location.
  • User will be able to filter hotels based on price, review, availability etc.
  • After selecting a location, direction will show on the map to reach to the destination.
  • Upon arrival, user will send a booking request to the hotel. User will also be able to request the booking by scanning a QR code.
  • To confirm the booking user, have to pay. The payment methods are wallet, cash, mobile banking, card.
  • Then the hotel will check the user with the information in the system to verify and accept the request and confirm the booking.
  • To check out the hotel, user will send an exit request to the hotel. The hotel will check the user and verify if everything is ok and accept the exit request.
  • Owner will be able to print a receipt using our system.
  • User also can find few useful locations on the map like restaurants, gift shop etc (I am planning to add 3 location types).
  • Restaurant and shop location will be added by admin and restaurants and shop owner have to pay to show their location on the map. There will be a subscription system for that.
  • The location of hotel will be added by any user, owner and admin. Location submitted by user and hotel owner will be verified manually by our team or a user.
  • User will receive a balance in the wallet for adding or verifying a location.
  • If a hotel is already added to the map, owner can claim the location and edit the information.
  • When adding a hotel by user, number of room and price of each type will be optional.
  • When owner adding the hotel, that information will be mandatory.
  • An owner will be able to add multiple location and can manage them separately.
  • Owner will have to pay for membership to use our system. The package will be create by admin.
  • Hotel owner will be able to add price base on time like one day, one week, one month etc.
  • If the hotel have different room type like ac, non ac, VIP. Owner will be able to add price for each category.
  • User and owner will be use our built in chat system to negotiate price and other conditions.
  • Owner will have a dashboard and admin panel to manage everything.
  • If any owner has user account and owner account, will be able to switch between them using a button.
  • If any user does not use our system but the owner does. Owner will have option to add user manually.
  • If the user uses our system but does not have phone with him, he will ask the owner to add him by an ID number or user phone number. This method will allow to pay using cash.
  • There will be a ads management system where we can manage the ads we show on our system. Brand and shop owner will use a dashboard to submit and control the ads.
  • Our ads manager team will also be able to manage the ads without user ads account.
  • Upon login, the user will see the map interface, and the owner will see the dashboard. If any user have both types of account then dashboard will show by default.
  • All of our user will use mobile device, owner will use both mobile and computer. So to make our system simple we will use hybrid app for mobile.
  • A good notification management system have to implement to send various notifications to user. Some notifications will be sent to all users and some to a specific user.
  • User will automatically get notified when their submitted location is published/rejected.
  • we want MySQL for db, Laravel for backend. For frontend we are open to Vue, React or what ever you prefer.
  • We want to use VAPID for notification.

Remember the hotel is just an example but requirements are mostly same.

We will provide UI design for web and mobile view.

To ensure the confidentiality of our project, we require you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before proceeding.

Send proper quote with details work scope, timeline and price.

Do not send any message or contact us without any quotation document.

Any document sent outside this form will not be accepted.

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